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“We are your LED Replacement Bulb one stop shop offering the best quality Christmas products over the past 16 seasons!”

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Fred Franklin
“Cool website and it's easy to navigate through Augie.  I must say that you have single handedly turned the "nightmare" of finding Christmas materials into a breeze.  Personally, I have always appreciated our times together bouncing ideas off of each other and how your company stays one step ahead of the competition.  Our business has been thriving for years with the assistance of HLM, and we will remain a customer of yours for life.”
Yolanda Lopez
“My husband and I own a Christmas light installation business in Chicago where we mainly install commercial projects.  Jose manages the installation crews while I handle the office work.  It never seems like there's enough time in a day to get things done and when it comes to materials, HLM has made their process seamless.  Thanks for making our lives easier and continuing to provide the best quality products and wholesale prices.  It really has been a blessing to work with you guys.  -Yolanda”
Kyle Simmons
“Being in Arizona, it wasn't originally sure about doing business with someone who was in Nebraska.  After using HLM last year and having our Christmas lighting materials delivered directly to our doorstep, it was a breeze.  We still have much to learn but we feel like anything is possible when we have HLM in our corner.  Thanks HLM for believing in our vision and helping us out with our first season!  -Kyle”
Skip McGrathers
“Our company has been in the Christmas light installation business for over a decade now are blessed to have reached the highest levels of success.  With the increased demand in our marketplace for our products and services, it has been our challenge from year to year to keeping up the pace.  Augie and his team at HLM make themselves available to during the "prime time" of our season.  These guys are top notch and we highly recommended them.  -Skip”

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